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Weddings for Everyone!

Full Package

Why not have the full package! This includes my celebrant fee, all legal paperwork including online application of your legal marriage certificate, us​e of my PA system, signing table and chairs, extra flowers, special ritual items, unlimited contact, full ceremony script and readings personalised for you and your fiancee, celebrant dressed to your wedding colours/theme wedding certificate (Framed) and a rehearsal before your big day. Travel extra over 100km.

Contact Pam on 0418 108 555 for pricing.


Feeling like taking the plunge and planning an exciting elopement to surprise your friends and loved ones?  I can help you with every aspect and complete all required paperwork and small ceremony if this is what you desire. Fully crafted ceremony personalised for you and your loved one.  All you need is two witnesses and we are good to go. Contact Pam diirectly on 0418 108 555 for pricing,

Legals Only

Legals only means completing all required paperwork and with two witnesses reading the required legal Monitum and vows to solemnise your marriage.  Remember with this and any proposed marriage, you will need at least thirty (30) days notice before we can solemnise your marriage.  Unless you apply for a shortening of time (under certain circumstances).  I can help you with all aspects. Contact Pam directly on 0418 108 555 for pricing.

Funerals, Memorials, Scattering of Ashes​

"We enjoyed a wonderful day with Pam as our celebrant. Pam provided her talent for organizing, experience in overcoming hurdles, beautiful attention to detail, and her vibrant sense of humour, to make our day very special and memorable for all who attended."

Alice and Ben, Heathcote 2021 xx


My mission is to create a ceremony that reflects the wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values - religious or non-religious - of your loved one and your family. You have complete choice of and final approval over the ceremony. Nothing is imposed on you. I will  spend hours creating the ceremony ​and learning about your loved one in unhurried meetings​ with designated family and friends. In collaboration with you, I will carefully craft an eulogy and create a ceremony with music, quotes, readings, unique symbols and rituals. No ceremony is delivered unless every detail of the eulogy is checked and approved by the family. With compassion, sincerity and great care, I will officiate for your ceremony at the funeral home, crematorium, cemetery or memorial location of your choice. After the funeral, your family will be presented with a beautiful copy of the ceremony as a keepsake. 


You should not deny your need to mourn and to embrace painful feelings of grief in the coming days and months. You may feel deep sadness as you plan a memorial or funeral and begin to acknowledge the reality of death.. But when all is said and done, you will also feel deep satisfaction that you have helped plan a meaningful tribute for someone who has meant a lot to you. I am here to help you remember the life, love and memory of your loved one. No matter where you wish to hold your ceremony,, talk to me about some creative and meaningful options full of meaning, love and celebration of a life best lived. Contact me anytime to discuss your preferences. 

Scattering of Ashes

Scattering ashes is often thought to be a spiritual act for setting one free. It provides an opportunity to memorialize your loved one in a manner that is unique only to him or her. If you’re seeking advice about scattering, we can go through all the options, such as the best places and methods of a simple or spectacular ceremony. We will also discuss ideas on rituals you may wish to perform while spreading the ashes. The Scattering of Ashes can be performed anywhere, anytime with anyone. This ritual can help you and your family complete the chapter of your grief. Contact me anytime to discuss your preferences.. 

Namings, Vow Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies


The beauty of a naming ceremony is that you can design it however you like – there are no legal requirements, so it can be fully tailored to your wants and needs. However, this is what you might expect from a typical ceremony: 

Introductions and welcome. A reading or poem. Storytelling about the child, such as their arrival into the world, their personality and any quirks or interests. A message about the role and responsibilities of parenting. The parent’s promises to the child. Another reading or poem. Importance of wider family and any specific people in attendance. Appointment of Guideparents. Guideparents’ promises. The significance and meaning behind the child’s name. The naming itself and concluding words​.

Vow Renewals

Simply put, a vow renewal is a way to celebrate your marriage. Perhaps you've made it to 2, 5, 10, 25 or 50 years together and you want the world to know you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. Maybe you want to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a rough period in your relationship. There's no wrong reason to renew. A reaffirmation can take place anytime after your actual wedding from the next day to 30 years late. Some couples don't want to renew too soon or too often, while others do it every year (seriously!) Many couples host their own renewals, and some have their children do the honors. One trend we love is the couple's closest friends, perhaps the original maid of honor and best man, choosing to host the event. And don't feel like you have to find a secular event hall or an outdoor space to hold the ceremony—many traditional halls make wonderful, meaningful venues. 

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies are exactly like any other wedding ceremonies, the only difference being they are not legally binding. A commitment ceremony is simply a public affirmation of a couples’ commitment to one another. Commitment ceremonies can be as formal or as relaxed as you decide to make it and, like with all weddings, can provide a meaningful and public celebration of a couples’ love for each other. 

Cost: $550 (+Travel over 50 kms)

Commitment Ceremonies are not registered with the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths + Marriages, but you may register a domestic relationship at any time... HERE. 

What customers are saying

"100% amazing - Pam you went go over and beyond for our wedding. 

We cannot thank you enough!  

Keith + Carol 

We literally cannot thank you enough, Friday was the absolute best and despite COVID and pulling it together in four hours, we have no regrets and are so so happy. Our ceremony was so beautiful, thank you so much Pam. We cou​ld not have asked for anyone better to marry us! Such a special memory we are going to hold in our hearts forever

Caitlin & Scott, Millbrook

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